Snooker break rules

snooker break rules

The highest break that can be made under normal circumstances is To achieve that, the player must pot all 15 reds, with. Das Wort Break hat im Snooker zwei Bedeutungen: Es ist maximal möglich, Punkte in einem Break zu erzielen, wenn zu jedem  ‎ Foul · ‎ Free Ball · ‎ Kombination (Plant) · ‎ Miss. Niall McVeigh: The latest in our series suggesting ways to improve sport focuses on the mind-numbing repetitiveness of the miss rule.

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Rollstuhlfahrer sind jedoch von dieser Pflicht befreit. A player or team wins a match when they have achieved the best-of score from a pre-determined number of frames. A break is the number of points scored by a player in one single visit to the table. Dieses höchste Break spielte Jamie Cope in einem Trainingsmatch; das höchste Break in einem offiziellen Turniermatch gelang Jamie Burnett mit Punkten. When you're trying to rebuild a sport, matches being tarnished by this sort of nonsense is not ideal. That, probably, would leave your opponent with a fairly easy opening red. A match usually consists of a fixed, odd number of frames. Point values for object balls: Finally, the striker must try to hit the ball "on" as best as he can, getting the cue ball as near to facebook neue registrierung target as possible. If the opposition somehow fouled trying to pot pink, and illegitimately snookered the striker with the black, then it is fair for the striker to snooker the opposition "back" with the free black ball.


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Snooker break rules Retrieved May 10, The grand old sport of snooker is fighting for its future. The rules for each individual touching ball then apply simultaneously. Als Split bezeichnet man die Trennung spielautomaten forum casino zusammenliegenden roten Bällen. Playing Cloth for Snooker and Pool. The first phase is the situation in which there are still red balls on the table.
Snooker break rules Return to Rules and Referees. Dieser Artikel gibt eine Übersicht über die wichtigsten Begriffe und Regeln des Snookersports. The extract from your post immediately above contains really little more information than your original post. However, even top players have been known to make too thin a contact. At the beginning of a frame, the balls are set up in the arrangement shown in the illustration. The ball s "on" differ from shot to shot:

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