Zombie mode

zombie mode

Zombies aren't for everyone. That being said, a Zombie mode draws in a whole different set of people as well. As someone who loves both. Unleash the horde! Gus Sorola lent Achievement Hunter his private PUBG server to test out the new Zombie. Subscribe & Like - Enjoy your stay! Check out the new zombie mode trailer PLAYERUNKNOWN'S. zombie mode


ZOMBIE MODE - Battlegrounds

Zombie mode - Bookie bietet

Not only that, but good luck arguing your case to be one of the survivors. The sidebar size is medium. I feel like a decent AI with such a large map would make it pretty awesome. I think this month is mostly just server performance updates, while still great, are less exciting. Besides new weapons and regular balancing passes, players will soon be able to scale terrain and vault through windows, and a full 3D replay system is also due to be added. It's a shame because the original mod was so much fun. The past few days have been like Christmas in terms of content.

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